Streaming Has Won!


Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon viewing times have surpassed those during the pandemic lockdown!

Gone with it are the days of guessing which primetime content consumers are viewing! Paying $100+ per 30‑second spot in hopes that a customer may then take out their cellphone and google your name, or visit your website!

Streaming TV allows us to find customers that are looking for your brand’s vehicles, in real time!

Picture This...

John lives at 123 Main Street and drives a Honda Civic (with 6 months left on the lease.)

Amy lives at 124 Main Street and drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee (with 4 months left on the lease)

What if I told you that I’m serving both of these users DIFFERENT video offers?

John is viewing my dealership’s “Honda lease pull ahead offer”, meanwhile Amy is viewing my dealership’s “Jeep lease pull ahead offer”!

Do I have your attention yet?

Now let’s dive into what we call our “user”. I will give you a breakdown but first, you can do this yourself quickly by asking the next 10 people you encounter “How do you watch TV at night? Streaming or cable?”

Back to the user, or Cord‑Cutter, if you will. Millennials (ages 27‑42 years) make up the majority of the streaming audience, followed by Gen Z (ages 11‑26) and Gen X (ages 43‑58) at 80% and 77% respectively.

Notice anything? Millennials are the largest audience on streaming networks AND the fastest growing car buyer demographic!

Don’t underestimate the older Gen Z‑ers, quickly approaching car‑buying age. Let’s reach these users now!

If you’ve made it this far, don’t you think it’s worth us having a conversation? Click below to connect with us directly!

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